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Food Facts

  • On a Friday in the UK, 20% of meals purchased outside the home are from a fish and chip shop.
  • Fish and chips have a third less calories than the other popular takeaways, and represents just 30% of a female's recommended calorie intake and 23% of a male's. It also has a massive 42% less fat than a doner kebab and a third less than a Whopper Meal from Burger King.
  • More than one in six of us can't resist going to the fish and chip shop at least once a week. Those from Yorkshire have the biggest cravings
  • Fish and chip shops sell 424.8 million meals a year, that's seven meals from a fish and chip shop each year for every man, woman and child in the UK
  • The sector employs some 61,000 people
  • As far back as 1838 Charles Dickens wrote about fried fish warehouses in the classic novel 'Oliver Twist'. These warehouses acted as the forerunner to fish and chip shops - but the partner to fish wasn't the traditional chip as we see today, but either bread or baked potatoes. The fish was sold by street vendors who carried the goods in trays hung around their necks. The fish was purchased cold for about a penny a portion.